Volume 215 of Rudolf Steiner's Complete Works
Section of the the Complete Works:
Private Lectures to the Members of the Anthroposophical Society

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German Title:

Die Philosophie, Kosmologie und Religion in der Anthroposophie

Title in Literal English Translation:

Philosophy, Cosmology, and Religion in Anthroposophy

Notes on the German Editions:

Known Lecture Dates in the German Volume:

Dornach: 1922-09-06 
Dornach: 1922-09-07 
Dornach: 1922-09-08 
Dornach: 1922-09-09 
Dornach: 1922-09-10 
Dornach: 1922-09-11 
Dornach: 1922-09-12 
Dornach: 1922-09-13 
Dornach: 1922-09-14 
Dornach: 1922-09-15 

Total Lectures in the German volume: 10

English Publishing History:

Title: Cosmology, Religion and Philosophy - 10 lectures Dornach

Complete German volume?: Yes
Publisher: Collison
Most Recent Year Published: 1930
Year of original Copyright: 1930
ISBN: none
Translator(s): Harry Collison
Number of Lectures: 10
Number of Pages: 88
Book Type: Hard Cover

Comments: Same cycle as "Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion"?>

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Google Books has a listing for Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion by Rudolf Steiner, an English translation of the complete German volume.

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