Volume 82 of Rudolf Steiner's Complete Works
Section of the the Complete Works:
Public Lectures in various cities, 1906-1918

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German Title:

Damit der Mensch ganz Mensch werde

Title in Literal English Translation:

So that the Human Being Can Become a Complete Human Being

Notes on the German Editions:

Known Lecture Dates in the German Volume:

The Hague: 1922-04-07 
The Hague: 1922-04-08 
The Hague: 1922-04-09 
The Hague: 1922-04-10 
The Hague: 1922-04-11 
The Hague: 1922-04-12  Question and Answer Session
The Hague: 1922-04-12 

Total Lectures in the German volume: 6

English Publishing History:

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