Rudolf Steiner's Lecture of 1903-06-01

Location: Berlin

Lecture Date: 1903-06-01
Lecture Location: Berlin
Lecture contained in CW 89
Number of Blackboard drawings extant:
Notes about the Lecture: Summer 1903, exact date unknown. Notes by Marie von Sievers.
Sources (stenographers or note-takers):
Notes on the Sources:

Possible English sources: I have not yet done the work required to compile every lecture in every English book by date. Instead, see the GA volume for a list of possible English books. (This lecture appears in GA 89 .

Data on this page has been compiled by Daniel Hindes from the German volume of the Gesamtausgabe (GA) in which the lecture is printed. The publishers often write a page or two about the sources of the texts in the lecture volumes that they publish, as well as the history behind these texts and any problems with authenticity or accuracy. Such notes are not always present in the English translations.